Here’s how we approach every project:
1. Request
Ask your questions freely about Iran's market

2. Proposal
We define in every detail the activities to be carried out during the project. After carefully pondering what research methodologies allow you to reach your goals, we propose a plan tailored to your needs, aimed to maximize the impact of your time and investment.
3. Conducting Research
We use the most up to date methodologies to collect information through all types of data gathering such as observation, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Face to Face interviews, telephone interviews and so on. This way we guarantee the highest reliability and robustness of the data collected, the basic starting point for subsequent phases of the project.
4. Analysis
Our main strength point is methods of data analysis methods such as data mining, SEM modelling, regression and path analysis, content analysis and deep insight analysis. We use all of statistical software such as SPSS, Lisrel, Amos, PLS, SPSS Modeler, Minitab and etc. We derive from it straightforward and fact-based insights, able to shed light on market trends and the needs of your customers, allowing you to take important decisions with confidence.
5. Delivery
We summarize our analyses in deep and insightful reports. Our international expertise allows us to provide comprehensive results, that we share in workshops organized to support you in the definition of concrete actions to implement. We are able to present in a concise and effective way to decision-makers how the problems identified can be turned into opportunities for the growth and improvement of your company
6. Implementation
Our work isn’t done yet by offering the analysis report. After that we are ready to help you with decision makings and be beside you during the plan codification and performance.

How We Do

How We Do


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