Go To Market Planning is a combination of marketing research methods and strategy codification in order to enter new markets. New markets can be regional markets or new products categories. So complete information about the desired market is needed which requires research projects and market study. In the second step the company's ability and Strengths and weaknesses are going to be studied and based on those probable competitive advantages in the target market is recognized. In the next step, there would be an effort to correlate the competitive advantages and target market's capacities. Finally based on this adaptation, market entry planning takes place and key people who has the ability to helping the company through the way, are selected. Also probable distribution channels, marketing and advertisement methods, product mix and price becomes clear which all of these factors lead to a comprehensive plan to enter the market.
So briefly "Go to Market Planning" is:

• Comprehensive Market Study (Target Market)
• Internal diagnostics
• Conducting Strategy
• Partner evaluation
• Market entry planning
Go-to-market solution helps clients have better answers to the following questions:
• Is my product is going to be successful in the target market? Is my product complying with customers' needs in the new market?
• How much is the capacity of the new market for growth and development?
• How should be the new market entry so that brings me the least costs and most benefits?
• How can be the new market entry fasten and facilitated?
• What should be my strategy for entering the market?
• Which potential partners are best suited to help my business compete more effectively?
• What should be my practical roadmap for the launching of my portfolio in new market?

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