Iranians are very sensitive about their looking style. They always want to be in their best looking mood. This is because other people judgment is important for them, it is important to Iranians to hear what others say or think about their looking, face, clothes, shoes, the brand they have used and any other thing that makes each body’s total appearance.
Iranians are top ranked in using cosmetic and personnel care products in the world. Not like Arabian people, but Iranians also are among the top countries that use skin care products, like hand creams, body creams, body lotions, and face care creams. About 60% of Iranians have used these creams at least one time in their life, and also about 20% have used body care products (body cream, body lotion) at least one time in their life.
In the market, we see very dynamic and active players who use different marketing strategies and sale promotions especially in hyper markets and environmental advertisements. Local brands like Cinere has introduced a new format and new version of face products. This brand has rapidly grow up in the market and introduced itself as luxury brand. Following Cinere, we see Nivea brand that has opened its place between males.

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