Now days grooming tools are much diversified here in Iran. Even by enjoying modern electronic devises that made great revolution in world of shaving and grooming, we see that still there are a lot of people that prefer to use old ways of grooming.
The point is that, new and modern electronic devises like as, rotary machines, hair clipper, trimmers and foiled machines do not bring enough satisfactions for those who need to “ have complete shave”, “ close to skin shave”, “faster shave”,… . These features may not meet by modern tools and that is why there are still many people purchase both of razors and electronic machines for their requirements.
From the other hand, if we talk about body grooming and bodies especial places, like armpit, we can claim that almost 90% of people uses razors rather that multi kit machines.
In current market of razors and blades, we can use small classifications. In the market we can find “disposable razors”, and “system blades”. Apart from this there is also another type of shaving tools that was more famous before. This is called “traditional blades”. Traditional blades is still among active products that its blades under different brand like as “Tiz”, “Lord” are commonly used.
There are many active players in the market. Gillette is still the one that is widely accepted, the brand that suffered by US sanctions and lost its share in the market, but in past 8 month and using Tehran Buran’s distribution system has backed to market powerfully. Looking at retailors, we see that Dorcco, Bic, Super max, silver, comes after.

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