Body shampoo is among the personal care products that its consumption is growing. For body care, there are some products like as soaps, body wash, shower gel,
It has to be noted that, there are some problems in distinguishing between body wash, Shower gel and body shampoo in Iran’s market. Most of the local brands use same Persian name for their products in one side of pack, but in the other face of pack that is in English, there is no specific rule, they may translate same word as “body wash”, as “Shower gel” or even as “body shampoo”.
Overall comparing to past years, usage of these kind of products has been increased, and about 55% of Iranians use body shampoo, and usage of bar soups has been decreased. Our research shows that, among upper SEC classification, it is more likely to see usage of body shampoo than lower SEC consumers. Of course, we admit that in smaller cities, villages and also among older people, usage of Bar soaps surpass new types of products as we called body wash.
In last years, many brands who are active in offering hair care or other personal cares, have started to launch body shampoos as well. Unlike to Unilever that its hair care products are offered with names like as Clear, Sunsilk, dove, its body care shampoo is lux. But other local brands has used same brand name. As of now in the market, brands like Active, Golrang, Sehat, Ave, Nivea are key players.

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