Iran’s Shampoo and hair care market is very competitive, there are many powerful local and international brands that offer different types of products like as hair conditioner, regular shampoo, and greasy hair shampoo,…
There are many active channels that consumers can purchase their shampoo, almost all local brands can be found in small groceries, drug stores, hyper markets, and beauty shops and the prices are almost same everywhere. From the other hand, for international brand the story is little different. Price range of these brands is very wide, as it could be less than local brands to the prices that are out of reach of 90% of population. Considering this, the distribution system of these kind of products are different.
Looking at the market, we are informed that Sehat and Parjak are market leaders thanks to their regular distribution system, reasonable prices and accepted quality. Parjak is offering variants products, like as shampoo for hair fall, dry hair shampoo, greasy hair shampoo, and so on. All these products are offered in same price range
Another market leader is Sehat. The brand is very old in Iran and has captured high market share especially between low SEC level due to its cheap price and successful targeting of consumers.

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