Iranians are suffering from tooth decay more than world average. Each person who lives in Iran, has about 6 decayed teeth. This number informs us that the importance of looking after oral health is very crucial not only from economical view and the expenses that imposed to government and own people, But also necessity of noticing to young generation in term of cultural activities and practical education so that in future to end up with people who know the importance of oral health and the way of taking care of it.
Basis our researches the usage amount of oral care products in Iran is not very low and almost 95% of people use toothpaste. Almost 90% of Iranians has washed their teeth in past 24 hours, and nearly 95% has used toothpaste in the past week.
Iran’s toothpaste market is hunted by foreign brands especially in big cities and Tehran. While looking at the price of products reveals that there is significant difference between local brands and foreign brands prices, but still with higher prices, market share of foreign brands are much more than local brands.
It is also estimated that 300 million tube of toothpaste are consumed in Iran per year, and about 75% of total market share is divided between imported brands and the most important ones are Crest and Signal….



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