Smartphone market is one of the most attractive markets in Iran and even in Middle East that can be studied from some different points of view. 80 million people which one third of this population are between 15 to 30 years old. Also the Iranian's desire for having the most modern and best cell phones can be considered as one of the attractiveness indexes of this market. It can be estimated that Iranian pay around 2.5 m USD each year for buying smart phones and 99% of Iran's market belongs to foreign brands. Samsung with 35-40, Huawei with 20-25% and Apple with 10-15% of market share are the three main brands in Iran. Iranians' desire for smart phones resulted in a lot of visits from the specialized websites for selling smart phones which made them to be among the top visited websites of Iran. Also online selling of the mobile phones has been increased in recent years that it's estimated that 20% of the sold phone has been sold online and through websites. While other similar products' online sale rate has been lower than 15%.
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