Tire is one of the products which have produced in Iran since 40 years ago and most of domestic manufacturers have been established and working in cooperation with biggest tire producers in the world. Right now the tire market size in Iran is more that 350k tons per year which 280k tons is produced locally and the rest are imported legally or contraband. There are 10 tire manufacturers working in Iran which most of them are supported by the government. The most prominent domestic tire manufacturer is Barez which mostly produces radial Tires for passenger cars. Imported tires market mostly belongs to Chinese and Korean brands and the presence of European brands has been faded after the sanctions against Iran. In recent years has supported local manufacturers of tire more than before and this resulted in some limitations for importing tires to Iran. However Iran's tire market is still one of the most attractive ones for presence of the foreign brands because most of the local produced tires are suitable for domestic cars and in imported cars section there is a remarkable need for different types of tires specially the reliable ones.
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