Penetration rate of laptop in Iran has been estimated around 50-60%. It has been estimated that Iranians spend more than 1.5 m USD for buying laptop each year. Before sanctions' intensifications (before 2012), Sony, Asus and Dell had owned more than 70% of Iran's market. Along with sanction's intensification and limitation for presence of some brands such as Sony and Dell, Chinese brands such as Lenovo and Acer could have develop their market in Iran and became the leaders of Iran's laptop market. Currently, Asus and Lenovo are the best selling brands in Iran. The tendency to buy long lasting laptops with lower price has resulted in successful performance of brands such as Acer in the market. Also after sale services can be considered as one of the most important factors for Iranians when they are buying laptops. While most of the brands which are active in the market don’t have direct presence and also have more than on representative in Iran. So each brands' condition depend mostly on the performance of the representatives and the active companies in Iran run lots of projects periodically in order to evaluate and recognize the most suitable representatives in Iran.
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