Pasta is considered as one the most favorite dishes in Iran that its market size is more than 450 k tons per year. Per capita usage of pasta in Iran is about 6 kg annually. Consumption pattern shows that more than 30% of Iranian families eat pasta 3-4 times every month. Macaroni usage in recent years had a descending trend and the consumption of pasta and lasagna had an ascending one. Pasta market almost belongs completely to domestic producers. Zar Macaron, Tak Macaron and Mana are the 3main brands which own around 90% of the pasta market in Iran. Another segment of the market belongs to local producers which might even launch their products without a brand to the market. Totally the production capacity of pasta in Iran is more than 750k tons per year and some of the productions is exported to neighbor countries. All in all, according to the price and the children interest toward pasta in Iran, the market faces a 5% growth each year.
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