Data Gathering
The process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables is in an established systematic fashion which mainly include:
Desk research reports
Our Desk reports will introduce not only general information, but also it will include market shares, brand shares, and market information. In addition to these information, our desk reports offer valuable insights in each segment of market. Market trends, brand image and also other information about consumer's behavior that are included in these reports will help business owners to have a good image about the market and hence making less risky decisions or to plan that how they should enter or continue their strategies. We use several trusted sources to gather secondary data and our expert team will add their comprehensive experience and knowledge to make these reports more valuable.
The way that our desk top reports has been made is to combine 3 major items
• Secondary data, that has been published in official governmental sources, reports that published in medial channels, surveys that has been done by Iran statistical center and
• In depth interviews, that is done with specialists to reach extra insights
• Writer own experience and knowledge which makes all information purified and adds insights and analysis to report.

In-Depth Interview (IDI)
This type of interview is one of our main focus area. For many cases, we believe conducting one in depth interview with a specialist will end faster and more trustable result than contacting many people. For our purpose to make reports with market insights, IDI interview is a key element that we will not comprise. Basis each study subject, our added value is to deliver reports in shorter time with the result as much as precise comparing to other research methodologies, and this will not be happening unless to select targets for IDI interviews as sensitive as possible.

Face to Face Interview (F2F)
This method of research is very common in market research activities. There are many strong points and week points for F2F interviews. We use F2F interview with large samples when we are very sensitive for market information, and specially this information are brand shares, market volume as well as brand performance in periodic intervals and to analyze if the marketing plans were successful or not.
Of course, there are many other useful result can be understood by F2F interviews, but we have to note that this type of research is time consuming and very costly. We recommend this only when accuracy of result is very important, and it is necessary to capture new information that has not been recorded in anywhere else and also there is not strict time limitation.

Focus groups (FGD)
This methodology is among qualitative market research methods, which its aim is to find out how consumers are thinking, how they purchase, how they feel about brand, how they look at the product in their life style, what is the position of product in their basket and so on. This type of research depend on business owner marketing strategy can be done along with other market research quantitative methods like as F2F and TI.
Telephone Interview (TI)
Another commonly quantitative methodology used in market researches is Telephone interview. This method is used when some small questions need to be answered about market, like as brand shares, brand overall awareness, and some general information about consumer behaviors.
TI is restively faster and cheaper than F2F interview, it also can cover vast geographical areas and hence the sample is more looks like to population. But this method gives us overall information about market and can’t capture market insights.

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